The Pennywise Bride Ultimate Wedding Planner

You’re getting married, and you want your wedding to be PERFECT!

Maybe you’ve dreamed about it for years and you’ve already got the dress you want in mind. Or maybe you recently got engaged and you’re just now starting to get SuperExcitedOMG! Either way, you probably have TONS of amazing ideas running through your mind about what you want for your Big Day.

But you also know you don’t have buckets of cash to spend on a wedding…

The average cost of a modern wedding is $32,000. I KNOW. If you’re a bride on a budget, that number is probably making your eyeballs pop out of your head right now. If you had an unlimited budget, you’d probably hire a wedding planner to help you with this mind-boggling process, but cash is tight.

So what do you do?

You get your pretty little hands on The Pennywise Bride Ultimate Wedding Planner! I can give you the best of both worlds: the information, experience and knowledge of a professional wedding planner, but with a budget-conscious DIY bride’s price tag.

Sounds awesome, right?! Heck YEAH it does!

As a professional wedding planner and a recent bride, I know the planning process is definitely exciting, but there’s a LOT of detail – often way more than we think there will be when we set out on the wedding planning journey.

There are so many moving parts to a wedding, and most of us have never done this before.

You may be feeling a bit overloaded with all the information on The Interwebs, Pinterest, bridal websites, magazines, your friends’ experiences, and your mother’s opinion. You might also be overwhelmed by the unfamiliar terms your vendors keep throwing at you, like you’re supposed to know the difference between French and plated dinner service (How much does that cost? Also, what’s a ‘vendor’?).

If you’re like most brides, you don’t have an unlimited budget, and you simply can’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding. Being on a strict wedding budget also means you don’t have room for any financial surprises, and you need to make every dollar count.

And that’s where I can help you in a BIG way! This e-book is a no-BS, detailed-without-making-your-eyes-go-crossed guide to planning agorgeous, amazingly fun wedding that will run super smoothly and not drain your bank account. You’ll get all the dirty deets on how to plan your wedding from start to finish: from the moment you get engaged straight through to your last mojito at your dance party!

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Still have questions? Check out the FAQ section below:

How does the Pennywise Bride Ultimate Wedding Planner benefit me?

You get the best of everything, girl! Professional and experienced wedding planning guidance, knowledge, tips, tricks and tools; full control over all aspects of your wedding; and plug-and-play templates and checklists — all for a Pennywise Bride’s kinda price.

You’ll create the wedding of your dreams on a reasonable budget.

Can’t I just find all this information online/on Pinterest?

The bare-bones answer is mostly yes. But — and it’s a BIG but — you’ll spend hours sifting through all that information, scrolling your Pinterest feed and reading dozens of magazine and online articles to pluck out the useful gems, sorting the valuable info from the fluff and outdated posts. If you want to have all that information compiled into one place for easy reference, you’ll also spend hours cutting and pasting details and paragraphs and printing it all out into something resembling a planner. And you’ll just have to hope you accurately sorted out the BS from the good advice.

Trust me: You want solid, experienced advice from a trained and certified wedding planner who knows how to navigate the wedding industry. That’s what the Pennywise Bride Ultimate Wedding Planner will give you.

The research will seem like ‘fun’ for the first 2 hours, then you’ll wish someone could just hand you a manual…

Why would you waste even more of your time getting frustrated trying to do it all on your own? Your time is valuable, and it’s worth WAY more than the $29 investment in this e-book and printable planner, lemme tell ya!

Why reinvent the wheel when you can have everything you need to plan your budget-conscious wedding with a single download?

What certifications do you have?

I’m a professional wedding planner trained and certified by the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. I’m a wedding planner-turned-blogger because I want to help tons of brides all over the world plan budget-conscious, beautiful weddings instead of helping just a few in my local area!

Why did you create the Pennywise Bride Ultimate Wedding Planner?

After opening my own wedding planning business, I discovered 2 very important facts:

1) My bridal consulting services were by far my most sought after service, and;

2) Given modern economic realities, the biggest concern for many of my brides was being able to plan the wedding they wanted for a price they could actually afford.

I am – obviously – frugal by nature anyway, so thrifty wedding consulting became my area of expertise, and I love it!

I love seeing the excited looks on couples’ faces when the wedding they imagined comes to fruition right before their eyes. And it’s even better when they don’t have a pit in their stomach about the cost, tainting their enjoyment of what should be one of the best days of their lives.

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s a list of just some of the amazing professional knowledge you’ll gain from this e-book:

* Pennywise wedding budgeting and tons of ways to trim costs
* How to choose a venue and your other vendors, important things to watch for for in your contracts with them, and strategies for reducing your final vendor bills
* Comprehensive lists of what you’ll need to rent (and what often gets forgotten!) if you’re DIYing your decor, catering, or bar
*Loads of tips for choosing your wedding party, hammering out your guest list, and creating a seating chart (without wanting to give up and just elope!)
* Crucial wedding day ceremony and reception logistics so everything runs smoothly and stress-free
* Tons of ways to save money on almost every component of your wedding, including the more expensive ones like your bar, dress, flowers and decorations
* Tips for ensuring guest comfort and being a good host
* Info and templates for invitations, including wording, etiquette, and where to score great deals on your invitation suite
* Tips for dealing with blended families and unconventional family dynamics
* The ‘Oh Shit’ Kit – complete list of contents for an emergency kit and why you need to have one!

PLUS you’ll also get downloadable templates, worksheets, and checkliststhat you can print off for your own dedicated wedding planning binder, just like the pros do. These printables include:

* Your wedding budget (broken down into ceremony, reception, rehearsal, bride and groom)
* The ULTIMATE month-by-month wedding planning checklist/timeline so nothing gets forgotten and you spread out the workload strategically to avoid overwhelm
* Hour-by-hour detailed wedding day schedule to make sure everything runs on time (including samples and tons of pro tips)
* Worksheets and checklists for your venue, wedding decor, flowers, bar, photography, and more

Let me tell you something: professional wedding planners typically charge $150+ for a one-hour consultation, and there’s no way you would get all this information, plus the valuable, ready-to-go printables during one consultation. You’d need to hire a wedding planner for at least partial planning, and that can run you anywhere from $1000-$3000. Seriously. A start-to-finish planner typically charges $3500+. They work very hard, but it’s undeniably super pricey if your entire wedding budget is $10,000.

So if you’re hesitant to invest the $29 in your own copy of The Pennywise Bride Ultimate Wedding Planner, you can see that it’s an incredible value for the amount of insider information and tips you’ll get access to.

For the cost of a trip for 2 to the movies, you can save literally thousandson your wedding budget.

Still not sure? Check out the full table of contents below to see if this planner is right for you:

INTRODUCTION: “Excuse Me, That Costs HOW MUCH?!” (Don’t Panic)
CHAPTER 1: Your Pennywi$e Wedding Budget + 15 Ways to Save BIG
CHAPTER 2: Everything You Need to Know About Your Vendors
CHAPTER 3: Picking Your Party: Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Squad
CHAPTER 4: The Guest List Game
CHAPTER 15: Wedding Invitations 101
CHAPTER 5: What’s for Dinner?: Menu Tips and Template
CHAPTER 6: Drink Up!: Planning Your Bar
CHAPTER 7: Everything But the Kitchen Sink: Sh*t You Need to Rent
CHAPTER 8: Photography Tips + Checklist
CHAPTER 9: Wedding Florals: Checklist & Money-Saving Tips
CHAPTER 10: Wedding Décor on a Budget
CHAPTER 11: Sweet Solutions: Affordable Cake Alternatives
CHAPTER 12: Fab Favours
CHAPTER 13: Dealing With Unconventional Family Dynamics & Family Tensions
CHAPTER 14: How to Host: Ensuring Guest Comfort
CHAPTER 16: Who, What, When, Where, and Why: Wedding Day/Ceremony Logistics
CHAPTER 17: Your Wedding Day Schedule
CHAPTER 18: The Impossible Equation: Your Guest Seating Chart
CHAPTER 19: Protecting Your Own A$$: Liability & Insurance
CHAPTER 20: The “Oh Shit!” Kit (and Why You Need One)

Please note that The Pennywise Bride Ultimate Wedding Planner is a virtual product. No physical product will be sent to you. Upon purchase, you can download all the PDF files in this insanely valuable package! You can read the e-book at your convenience, and print off the printables to create your very own Wedding Planning Binder. Due to the nature of downloadable products, unfortunately we cannot issue refunds.

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